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Craig BrandysAppointment Paves Way for Expansion Into U.S.

Northbound Sales is very excited to announce the appointment of Craig Brandys as Vice President Sales.  Craig has deep and varied experience both in the private and public sectors.


Originally from Halifax, Craig’s family moved to the U.S. when he was a child where he attended high school and university in Florida.  In 2009, he braved the cold and headed north to Ottawa to be the Parliamentary Legislative Aide for Derek Lee MP.  After 3 years on the hill, he headed back south to Atlanta this time as an Orthopedic Reconstruction Sales Representative for Smith and Nephew.


“Craig has a unique combination of big company sales experience and high level government involvement.  This gives him the ability to easily engage in intelligent business conversations with other Vice Presidents of Sales and other high level business executives,” Michael Caron, President of Northbound noted.


While mainly responsible for revenue grow through new client acquisition, Craig will also have input into marketing and program design.


Craig will initially be focussed on promoting Northbound’s sales team development programs within the domestic market with an eye to eventually sell into targeted U.S. cities.